Our values

How we act

At Bombardier, we are committed to the highest ethical standards. All our actions and decisions are guided by these common values:


Honesty, transparency, legality and high standards of ethical conduct guide us in all interactions. We expect the same from all our suppliers.

Respect for others

We value professional relationships that are based on respect for all individuals and organizations we do business with. Respect is essential in maintaining a healthy and thriving work environment for everyone.

Commitment to excellence

We’re committed to the pursuit of excellence—with our products, in how we perform our duties and how we deal with others.

How we work

Sustainable product innovation and customer experience are at the centre of everything we do. We know that we have our part to play in developing a better world and we intend to live up to it.


Create a people-centric and healthy work environment.

Operational excellence

Develop efficient, cost-effective and innovative products.

Responsible operation

Operate with integrity and maintain trust in society.

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